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Best car insurance companies 2020

Purchasing a new car is an exciting experience. But cars aren’t cheap, and you need car insurance to protect your investment. Car insurance covers your vehicle in the event of an accident and protects you from certain liabilities as a driver. To find the best car insurance company, it’s important to look at financial strength, customer service reviews, coverage options and the price of policies. The good news is, we’re here to help make the process easier.

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Best Car Insurance Companies for 2020

You may be working from home and driving less because of COVID-19. But having car insurance is still important for when you do drive. Plus, if your car is financed and you’re still paying it off, auto insurance is mandatory.


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To rate the best car insurance companies, we looked at factors such as customer satisfaction, claims satisfaction, claims settlement and customer

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No longer seeing a recession, fund managers are beginning to shift into industrials and value stocks, Bank of America survey finds



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Fund managers are rotating but not chasing stocks after the massive rally from March lows, according to the latest reading of Bank of America’s popular fund manager survey.

The survey found that cash levels rose by fund managers, to 4.8% of their portfolios in September from 4.6% in August. At the same time, investors allocated more cash to industrials, small capitalization stocks and value at the expense of technology, healthcare and large caps.

The fund managers did not rotate regions though, still preferring the U.S. over European, U.K. and emerging markets.

A net 18% are overweight equities which is not particularly high in the history of the survey.

The fund managers are particularly bearish about the U.K. (UK:UKX) where new concerns about Brexit are being raised. A net 35% are underweight U.K. equities, the worst showing since March 2018.

Banks and energy

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You don’t have to pay your federal student loans right now, but here’s why you should

Part of American lawmakers’ sweeping stimulus efforts in response to the pandemic included federal student loan relief — meaning borrowers don’t have to make their student loan payments and won’t be penalized for nonpayments.

a person with a frisbee in front of a building: CHAPEL HILL, NC - AUGUST 18: A student walks through the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on August 18, 2020 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The school halted in-person classes and reverted back to online courses after a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past week. (Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

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CHAPEL HILL, NC – AUGUST 18: A student walks through the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on August 18, 2020 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The school halted in-person classes and reverted back to online courses after a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past week. (Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

But if you’re carrying student debt and can still afford to pay the monthly loan, experts say you absolutely should.


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Under the CARES Act, borrowers aren’t required to pay federal student loan payments, and interest won’t be accrued on those loans. The temporary relief through the CARES Act was

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Is Standex International Corporation (NYSE:SXI) Trading At A 40% Discount?

Does the September share price for Standex International Corporation (NYSE:SXI) reflect what it’s really worth? Today, we will estimate the stock’s intrinsic value by projecting its future cash flows and then discounting them to today’s value. We will take advantage of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model for this purpose. It may sound complicated, but actually it is quite simple!

Remember though, that there are many ways to estimate a company’s value, and a DCF is just one method. For those who are keen learners of equity analysis, the Simply Wall St analysis model here may be something of interest to you.

See our latest analysis for Standex International

Crunching the numbers

We are going to use a two-stage DCF model, which, as the name states, takes into account two stages of growth. The first stage is generally a higher growth period which levels off heading towards the terminal value,

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Canada added 245,800 jobs in August

Canada’s job market continues to recover, adding 245,800 jobs in August.

According to Statistics Canada, the vast majority (205,800) were full-time positions.

“Unlike July, job growth was titled toward full-time work, a sign that business conditions are gradually getting back to normal,” said Indeed economist Brendon Bernard.

“The boost from the reopening of previously shuttered sectors continued, with accommodation and food service, as well as other services, making outsized contributions to job growth, alongside a pop in education employment.”

The unemployment rate improved to 10.2 per cent, a decline of 0.7 percentage points. It hit an all-time high of 13.7 per cent in May.

After a string of gains in May, June, and July, employment is within 1.1 million of its pre-COVID February level. The number of workers affected by COVID-19 stood at 1.8 million, down from 5.5 million April peak.

Fewer people worked from home for the fourth straight

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Can I Change The EMI Date On My Personal Loan?

Q. Hi! I work with a private company which credits the salary on the 15th of every month. I have taken a personal loan last month for which the equated monthly instalment (EMI) date has been set as the 7th of every month. I forgot to check the EMI date while taking the loan. Paying EMIs on 7th may get financially taxing for me going forward. Is it possible to get the EMI date changed? Please help. Gurpreet Singh

A. Hi Gurpreet! Your concern about the EMI date is valid. It gets tough for a salaried individual to arrange for funds late in the salary cycle. EMIs are a mode through which funds are automatically debited from your account to your loan account on a date agreed upon with your lender every month.

Changing the EMI date is possible but hinges on your lender’s policies and your loan’s terms and

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Soccer-Century-maker Ronaldo sets sights on international scoring record

By Philip O’Connor

STOCKHOLM, Sept 8 (Reuters)Cristiano Ronaldo has set his sights on Ali Daei’s record of 109 international goals following a double in Portugal’s 2-1 Nations League win away to Sweden that saw him reach 101 goals for his country since his debut in 2004.

Having missed Portugal’s Nations League opener against Croatia on Saturday with a toe injury, Ronaldo wasted no time on his return, scoring a first-half free kick and adding a second from open play in the 72nd minute to close in on Iranian Daei’s record.

“I managed to beat this milestone of 100 goals and now (I’ll go) for the record. It’s step-by-step. I am not obsessed because I believe the records come in a natural way,” Ronaldo said.

“When I had this problem in my toe I always knew that I could recover for this second game. I like to be

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Drones help insurance companies check damage in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — Insurance adjusters who descended on Cedar Rapids after the Aug. 10 derecho storm are using drones to check roofs and asking homeowners with less severe damage to take their own photos.

Some of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has reduced the number of experienced adjusters willing to travel. But the changes also help speed up claims and get repairs done sooner, company representatives said.

“Drones or aerial imaging helps them estimate the claims,” said Scott Hauptman, vice president for claims for Grange Insurance, of Columbus, Ohio, which is working with Integrity Insurance, of Appleton, Wis., to handle at least 500 storm-related claims in Cedar Rapids. “It’s as efficient as possible and helps them (adjusters) safeguard their health.”

Cedar Rapids officials told The Gazette on Wednesday that 140 buildings are too damaged to be occupied. Several hundred more have non-structural or cosmetic damage.

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Triangle tech companies move money to Black-owned M&F Bank


When William Spruill recently raised $3.5 million for his technology company Global Data Consortium, he began to think about where to park the company’s growing assets.

The choice was likely to be a large national bank, which could offer the best interest rates on the account. But after George Floyd’s killing in Minnesota in May, Spruill, one of the few Black CEOs in the Triangle’s tech scene, wanted his money to have more of an impact on local communities of color.

So, he opened an account at M&F Bank, a Durham-based bank that is one of the oldest Black-owned banks in the country. He ended up putting $3 million of his company’s money there, where he believes it’s more likely to be used in loans to other Black entrepreneurs and businesses.

Spruill didn’t stop there, though. After opening the account, he also challenged other members of the tech

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How a short-term personal loan could save you money

So is this just another type of risk-based pricing? 

In recent years, a bunch of Aussie personal loan lenders have adopted risk-based pricing. It’s a tiered system of pricing whereby a lender offers an interest rate based on a customer’s credit rating.  

However, offering a rate based on a borrowing term is a lot less common. In fact, according to the Mozo database only three lenders have this system in place: SocietyOne, Teachers Mutual Bank and Queensland Country Bank.

Mozo Banking Expert, Peter Marshall explains that this type of tiered system is just another version of risk-based pricing. 

“In this instance, lenders are looking at customers opting to borrow for longer terms as higher-risk,” he said. 

“This is possibly based on their own experience. These lenders may have found that people with longer loans are more likely to have problems over the life of the loan.”  

He also

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