Dovie Salais

YOLO or Save for Later

Everyone wants to live life to the best, and this is what gave birth to the popular acronym YOLO. The term stands for You Only Live Once, which entails people to take advantage of the moment now and enjoy life to the fullest. Younger generations are taking this seriously as they spend recklessly enjoying life, not minding the future.

But is this a wise decision, while you want to enjoy life, should you put yourself at a financial disadvantage in the future. Are you taking your economic growth seriously, saving, and making the right investment for your future?

Saving and Investing While Enjoying Life

Can you balance living life to the fullest while saving and investing your money? In all honesty, you have to cut down on your expenses to make considerable financial plans for the future. There are many financial institutions like Acorns that can help people save money … Read More