Baystate Business: Food, Markets, Politics (Radio)

Bloomberg Baystate Business for Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

– Boston Business Journal reporter Jessica Bartlett on how winter is coming for local breweries (3:58)

– Boston Globe business reporter Janelle Nanos on how food delivery services are pitching themselves as a Covid-safe way for people to eat lunch at the office (12:11)

– Massachusetts Restaurant Association President and CEO Bob Luz on the state of the local restaurant sector (17:37)

– Bloomberg News healthcare reporter Robert Langreth on the pledge by vaccine makers not to rush a vaccine under political pressure (30:30)

– Bloomberg News markets reporter Kriti Gupta on the day in the markets (37:23)

– Aaron Jodka, Research Director of Colliers International, on the increase in empty commercial rental space in the Boston area (52:15)

– Janet Wu’s report on the Covid rapid-testing XPRIZE Foundation competition (1:02:51)

– Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos on the Michelle Wu bid

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Jobs Report Sends Mixed Messages for Lawmakers and Markets

(Bloomberg Opinion) — The much-anticipated U.S. jobs report on Friday answered some important questions about the state of the labor market. Yet by also leaving some important issues outstanding, it will not serve as the much needed outside catalyst to resolve both the policy stalemate on Capitol Hill and the increasingly visible tug-of-war in financial markets.

The narrow message of the jobs report came through loud and clear in four monthly numbers. Despite all the headwinds facing the economy, its inherent dynamism and entrepreneurship — plus a positive one-off influence from census hiring — led to buoyant job creation (1.4 million) and a sharp fall in the unemployment rate (from 10.2% to 8.4%). This was coupled with an increase in both labor force participation and the equally important employment-to-population ratio.

Pulling the lens back a bit provided a second, less reassuring message. The pace of improvement in the labor market

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